Thursday, April 7, 2016

She's Back

I was reminded that I had a blog. Earlier today. To be reminded that, I had a bit of tears deep down in my heart. This blog held a special place in my heart.

A blast from the past.

Hence, I said to myself that I had to try get back into my blog later tonight.

Which I did. Numerous attempts to get back into it. I forgot everything.
I forgot what was my email address to sign in, what my password was. I only remembered my link.

Staring blankly into the screen, reading back my old posts, trying to get hold of my blog.

I nearly cried. *umm yeah, that time of the month. Easily emotional*

Alhamdulilah, I am writing a post in 2016! Hoorayyyy!

I was in third year in my previous post, and now I graduated Alhamdulilah!!! Actively looking for employment. 

Hi Recruiter, if you ever decided to google my name and stumbled upon my blog, I hope my posts would tickle you :p *at least I think I was funny back then*

Anyway, as I was saying, I used to write. I loved to write. I even considered of taking mass communication after SPM. Writing was my forte. Every night before to sleep, *okay probably not every night*; I would write. I used to have this notebook somehow like a diary and write in it. Then blogging was a thing, I jumped into blogging. Then came in Facebook and Twitter, I was actively on it after. Instagram came, now I only post pictures with captions that I do not have to wreck my heads upon. 

And in 2016, Snapchat took over me. As days go by, I can feel my writing sense depleting. I can feel I become bitter. People might see you as woohoo yeah happy. But I get bitter. Everything is short, I easily get bored. Nothing excites me. Yeah I get excited but only for a short while.

Ages ago, yeah we're saying 8 years ago, I used to "hey I am so itchy to blog about this". Putting my sentences together, finding the right words, putting my mind into words. Hey, these whole scenario and school of thoughts of mine excite me. 

I miss those excitements. 

Anyway, enough of those. 


I actually just got back from travelling!


Two weeks jetsetting around Europe, one city to another, one airport a day, one flight/train ticket a day. Phew, it was fun and exhausting I tell ya.

Well, there are lots and lots of pictures that I have captured through the mind. Which my camera cannot even captured the real beauty of each amazing things I encountered.

Be it scenery, people, situations that have humbled me, food, the countless times we had to carry our bags around city *which now my veins are getting more distinguished after all that carrying heavy bags lol*

I gained endless experiences and lessons learnt along the way. Sometimes you learnt along the way, at times you are unexpected to. I'm always soo grateful for these kind of moments.

Every single thing! 

I will blog about all the travelling stories soon!!!

Now, the bed is actively calling me to sleep. 

Long trip tomorrow! Going back Taiping, my mum's hometown, for a bit!

Going to savour all the food goodness along the trip!

Goodnight loves xx

Monday, May 12, 2014

Super Long Hiatus

HELLO everyone!
Wooh, it sure is dusty in here.
It has been a super duper long hiatus. Can you imagine my last post was in 2011? That was 3 years ago.
I'm in my third year degree now and things have changed significantly.
I was just reading again my previous posts since 2008. And wow, what a long journey it was.

SO, I am back in the blogging arena!
At this point of time, I know I should write more compared to my younger days. And hey, I was quite impressed of my writings back in the days. LOL *angkat bakul sikit*.
I sounded like a happy girl back then, so carefree though I was complaining of many stuffs. But those are just normal 16-17 school girl would face. At this age, woahh different level of things that I am facing.

Life was not as complicated as it is now, girl! *21 year old self telling to 17 year old self*

I am quite perplexed what life has thrown at me during the long hiatus on this arena.

Anyway after all that chatter and catching up, I'd be turning 22 in 12 business days! Oh yes, I go by business days now. (Shows how much I've been going online shopping lately. HAHA. Let's just not remind me to check my bank account, okay? Yup, we're good :D)

Isn't that a big age? *Taylor Swift's 22 plays on mind*

At this age, I worry about an entire different kind of things compared to in high school.
Vast different.

I now worry about my uni projects, research, assignments, reports, deadlines to meet, tests and finals to study and other petty stuffs. Uh-huh, petty. *HAHA insert emoji laughing with tears coming out, yeah you know which*

But yes, a whole new different level!

It is getting rather late now, I should go. Lovely to be posting again.

See you soon xx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome back, Diha

"Welcome back, Diha"

Uttering these words to myself in my room in Kolej Cemara is quite surreal.
Simply because my previous post was nearly a year ago, when I was scared/nervous about coming to Intec.
Now? I'm in the second half of Semester 2 of Ausmat.
How time flies, hey?

And exactly a year ago, my close friend, Ikhwanul Ashraf passed away. :'( Al-Fatihah~
He was one of the friends who would constantly comment on my blog posts :')
Walaupun takde org nak layan sgt blog aku ni, kau layan jgk kan :)
I would be in total denial if I say that I'm not sad. I am but life has to go on, and it's good to know Allah loves him more :)
A year has passed, seems as if it was still yesterday, yet many smiles and frowns I have been through, the world have been through.
Tragedies here and there,
the floods in Queensland,
the earthquakes in Christchurch,
the riot in Egypt,
and the Tsunami in Japan.

What's happening to Mother Earth?
Yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking, it is near.
Lately, I've been 'muhasabah-ing' diri *is that even correct? haha*, and am pretty much scared of what He is trying to show us :\

Before I doze off you fellow readers to sleep *OMG have I lost my humour in writing a blog post? LOL*,
I would like to share a story,
a simple story,
wait, it's not a story, more like a 'crack your bloody heads off to answer this question',
oh well, I did crack my head off for this,
okay maybe not, you understand me very well.
This story was shared to me by Amer Arif and Feqs claimed to be an IQ quiz from Cambridge :P
*ni mesti diorang tgh bangga yours truly tulis nama diorang ni :P*

here goes, ******drum rolls please******

There's a bulb in a room, and you have three switches outside of the room;
one of the switches is the switch to light up the bulb;
you can try to switch on/off as many times as you like;
but you can only go into the room once;
once you are inside of the room;
you have/should/must know which switch is for the bulb.

Q : How to know which switch is for the bulb?

Happy Thinking! :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello Again

God I forgot that I do have a blog. LOL
Hello again people!
since I got my result, went to Aussie, studied for a month there, went back to KL for a holiday before goin to Curtin International College, got the MARA scholarship (omg the feeling still hasn't sink in, well thank you), guess I will not be goin back to Aussie to study YET.

Yes people, I decided to accept the offer. WHY OH WHYYYYY?
I know, people have been telling me it's an opportunity not all people get.
Allah God the Almighty knows whats best for me.
Alhamdulilah I should say. Alhamdulilah, Shukran Jazilan.

Everything is fated, ada hikmah disebaliknya.
Rezeki ada dimana-mana, kita hanya perlu berusaha dan berdoa.

so I will be back to Perth in a couple of weeks, to bring back my stuffs to KL,
and say HELLO to Intec Shah Alam, that would be my second home starting 4th July till the next 1.5 years. and insyaAllah if everything goes well, they will be sending me to Aussie or New Zealand. :)
and Yes, I will be staying at a hostel MARA provide for us.
Can you believe that? Diha staying at a hostel? HAHA
you can laugh all you want, please close ur eyes and imagine me being in a hostel.

I'm so nervous :|
uish. Lets not talk about it anymore. Move on, shall we?

Ooooooo YEAAAH, I am back active on Twitter yo!
follow me follow me and lemme follow you back :D
its 'dihamanaf'
gahh, now I get why they say Twitter is much fun.

eh eh have you been watching Showdown 2010 on 8tv?
its awesome! really! no kidding! Am watching it now!
Keep your eye on Floor Fever and Wakaka Crew! They are breathtaking, jaw dropping, eye catching crew ever! *salute*

banyak pulak aku merepek nih.

me off to bed now. see you in the next post <3

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bye Bye

Its March 11th.
omg omg omg.

shut ur ass up.
okay this is freaky.
and I'm starting to realize, I only have a month left here in Subang, in KL, in Malaysia. more :'(:'(

Some of you may know this, that I'm flying off to Aussie this april for college :(
yeah you must be wondering why I'm goin this early since I have mentioned in the last couple of posts that July will be the time for college.

So yeah, I'm going to Canning College this April. ARGHHH.
My dad said if I don't like it in Canning College, I could always go to CIC, which is inside Curtin Uni, in July.
But sometimes, I feel like I wanna get out of this country ASAP!
Mix of feelings, Lots of emotions.

One wish before I go forever, *chey macam nk mati dah* :
I hope that I could meet all of my friends before going to Aussie. *hinthint* *winkwink*

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kris Allen = Awesome!

I MET KRIS ALLEN!!!!! *jumping up and down screaming!*

kak raina.
went with my cousin, Kak Raina and a friend of hers, Kavel.

We arrived quite late though, around 4.30pm.
and heck, it was very very packed.
Lots of people i tell you, and already the first 200 fans :(
Kak raina was very disappointed, till the point she asked this one chinese guy who was in the line to get her album signed.
and that guy agreed, and what a coincidence, he's stu
dying in perth too. gosh, what a small world.
so while waiting for Kris to come, we were hanging outside, and guess what, there were polices and and escorts outside.

in front of moi.
took his pichas while he was getting out of the car. ARGHHH we were excited.

that's him at the back.

Kris Allen getting out from the car, he was only wearing a pair of his old sneakers -.-

So the autograph session started, and we were looking at the first 200 fans getting onstage to meet Kris Allen. we were screaming really. I was goddamn jealous, Kak Raina was way , i know. Haha.

afta the 200, I saw many people got thru the railings,
shiznits, how did they get in????
I went to buy his album quickly, i was panting, seriously. Went backstage and the securities were letting in fans with Kris' album. and and YESSS! I got in!!!! VOILAAA! Kak raina was behind me, she got her album back from the chinese guy and decide to get onstage herself.

me me me! getting my cd signed!
thanks kak raina for taking this awesome picha!

yesss I got onstage, face to face with Kris, he was inches from me. omg STARSTRUCKed doe.
Yeay!! got mine signed! I said thank you and got offstage.
as soon i went off stage, Andy Estranged interviewed moi, yours truly :P
woah got interviewed by star world babeyhhh. I was shocked and quite takut. Haha

Andy : heyy, are you scared of all this (referring to the cameraman microphone and lightings) or getting onstage with Kris Allen?
Moi : I'm quite scared of all this. lol
Andy : Awh dun be. So how was ur feeling getting onstage with Kris Allen?
Moi : It was sooo awesome! really. I'm sucha big fan. (we
ll i like Adam Lambert way more) lol
Andy : What do u really like about Kris Allen, about his personality?
Moi : oh He's so nice. Apart from other contestants, he is so humble. (i wanted to say because he's not gay though. But I guess it's quite taboo, HAHA)
Andy : Yeah, Kris is humble, isn't he? Well can u say I love
Kris Allen to the camera?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Excited and Nervous!

Sunday, 17th January 2010

Lately, I feel the need of blogging more often.
There is so much to tell but I am such an ass when it comes to writing.
I only write when I feel like it.
SEE! I'm talking craps.

btw I am soooo excited for college.
As I told you fellow readers, moi went to Curtin Uni last friday.
And OH! it was an awesome experience!
I went to the Admin, and yeah they were very welcoming.
There was this awesome guy, Mr Michael Harris, the marketing manager there who answered all my queries.
He was so friendly, and he looked quite excited that I'm going into Curtin this July.
My friend said maybe because I'm Curtin's future client. yeah could be hey. LOL
at the end of the day, he said "You sound like a good student, Madihah!"
HAHA am I?
Why, Thank You Mr Harris :)

And he said, email him anytime and he gave me his card.
he even told me how to write to him.
"Hi Michael, I'm Madihah. I met you at Curtin in mid-January bla bla bla"

Well, thank you again. lmao

As for now, I am excited to go to college. and and my friend, Syed Haniff is going to Curtin too.
We are so excited to become college mates!
At the same time, I am quite scared to go to college.
It will be a whole new environment, new friends, new challenges.

Pray for me my friends!

hey! Aaliyah, Makayla just came!
later peeps
take care. xx