Monday, April 21, 2008

a day at pavilion

hey peeps! on d exactly 11.21 pm i have started a blog influenced by shafiq ruslan. (shafiq, u should be proud! haha)
i sooo cant believe i hv started a blog, how impressive. :O
well, starting off today,
it was after school, while waiting for my mum to pick me up, i was chatting away with natasha and akif and feeza, it was really fucking hot. i was like soo sweating, and how fortunate, akif bought an orange ice cream, tha hell yummayhhh! i asked for a bit, and before he hands it over to me, he licked off d whole ice cream, gross mannnn! he might as well stay at pengkalan chepa much longer, how annoying. haha kidding akif!

after a while, my mummy came, and i was like "mummy, today nk pegi mane?", since my dad is not at home, thats d usual routine for my mum and i to go wandering all over klang valley. and my mum said "pavilion! :D". haha since she needs to buy a new handbag.

at 3 pm, "hello pavilion!" :D
me and my mum had lunch at food republic, *ooo i just love toast box!*
den i realized azwan ali and his make up artist which is a hotstuff gay were having lunch in front of us! seriously, d gay was really really attractive, he even has boobs. okay nuff said. haha.
and, surprisingly, azwan ali recognised me and my mum, well we started knowing when he was shooting for cit cat in perth back in 2003. okay back to the story, he recognizes us, he went :

azwan ali : eh apa khabar? lama tk jumpa!
mummy : ingat lagi ke?
azwan ali : ingat sikit2, anak u eh? (he was refering to me)
mummy : haha kita jumpe masa kat perth dulu. yeah anak i.
azwan ali : oh yaaa! ingat2, it was one of my best work experience :D anak u dah besar eh (with his big shades). sekarang u tinggal kat mane?
mummy : subang jaya
azwan ali : oh really? u ade free time tk? since u r a housewife kan. datang la tgk i shooting, skrg i tgh recording programme utk tv3. come i give u my number, and whats yr number? bile ade ape2 recording, i'll call you up

okay my mum and azwan ali exchanged phone numbers, how funny! haha.
after having a wonderful moment exchanging numbers, they started talking about d memories in perth back then. azwan said "those were the days kan?" yeah what he said was actually true though. after a while, we said goodbye to each other, and i was like looking his makeup artist, omg i was strucked by his boobs man. haha

after that, my mum and i headed off to buy her new handbag, she managed to find a perfect one from guess after trying a bunch of them. haha i was kinda tired and we went to starbucks for a take away latte. woahh relieved after a sip of starbucks. haha it was 4 sumtin then, i was like "mummy hurry up, i hv piano class at 6.30", so we had to hurry, my mum drove out from pavilion, and we were stucked in a jam seems like hours, den i remembered there was a larian obor olympics beijing stuffs in kl. so my mum had to go back to jalan tar, and headed back home.
so we managed to get home on time for my piano class, *lega*.

i think thats it for now. woah blogging is tiring. my back hurts already.
i'll update as soon as i can. its already 11.57 pm , 3 minutes to midnight, yawnsssss! have to go to bed. nytey nyte guysss~