Friday, April 17, 2009

One in a Million : SUSAN BOYLE!

One word : FANTASTIC!

Everyone is talking about Susan Boyle, 47 years old from a village in England enters BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT who has been the headlines all over the world. Audiences were making faces before she sang. Once she started singing, everyone was dumbstrucked!

Please click this I Dreamed a Dream - SUSAN BOYLE , and i guarantee you won't regret. Don't miss out on one of the greatest talent on earth

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sports Day yang Terbaik!

SMK USJ 13 Sports Day was held at MPSJ, Subang Jaya.
it was freaking funnnnnnnnnn!
seriously i was like so involved on sports day this year like never before
marching, wushu performance and tarik tali. HAHA.
and we won perbarisan for our lovely house, TEMENGGUNG.
seriously, we did not expect to win because everything was last minute.
Fana and I stayed at school yesterday from noon till 6pm to just get our costumes done.
We did not practice at all for marching whatever stuff.
Alhamdulilah, Allah guide us to first place. chey chey. haha.
thanks guys who came for marching especially to the seniors who became the mascots; fana, rifdi, putera, kamarul, aleef, haris, chai wern hong, shafiq, feeza and husna. ♥

wushu performance with 16 more players

shar and sarah babes ♥


strutting my stuff =)

Fana and I ♥

US! left to right; kamarul, sufia, me, ian, fana , shar, rifdi kuda ku

me, aleef and rifdi at the back; with our winning trophy for marching

Isyraq joined, and haris macam nk join tapi tk sempat

Devil of The Day ; Araff GAY. haha. dis picha made him look really innocent!

one silver for tarik tali. and another silver for what aye? :P
guess who gave it? HAHA