Thursday, July 23, 2009

ku sudah penat

I am freaking exhausted la wehh,
my eyes, my ears, my legs, my hands, my fingers,
dont get it wrong fellow readers.

my eyes are tired because having to read hundreds of pages of what? sciences? whats that? haha

my ears are tired because of what people are asking me.

my legs are tired because had to walk up and down from 3rd floor to d ground, back and forth.

my fingers are tired because had to write a freaking long of JENIS JENIS WATAK for KONSERTO TERAKHIR, and my bm teacher claimed us we do not write enough and our fingers are too pampered, so thts why its aching. =.='

Sunday, July 5, 2009

O-M-G, diha?

Exhausted like gilaa.
Seafield's Carnival Day was okay, fun :)
The last sandwich I bought was sooo yummayh. Kan farah kan? :D
and Barbican was awesome, I pretended that I was drunk, haha well obviously I was not.
Its non alcohol for God sake. Here are the pichas of moi and Farah at Carnival day.

Farah ♥

I look like a retard. Haha Shadap.
so afta carnival, I went futsal.
And I got injured at the last quarter.
My left leg like bengkak and warna biru macam blueberry tu :(

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lawak Bangang 5 Bakti Class '09 Part 2

Seperti anda sedia maklum, saya pernah publish satu entri yang mempunyai sama title seperti di atas. So ini adalah entri kedua bagi title yang sama.

Situasi 1
ABU : What is Optimus' favourite number?

MADIHAH : *berfikir2 nombor ape ek?*

NATASHA : Prime Numbers! *senyum lebar hingga ke telinga*

Situasi 2
ABU : Farrah Fawcett died, and she went to heaven. God asked her, what is her wish? Farrah Fawcett said "Save all the children in the world". So, Michael Jackson died.

MADIHAH :What the F?

Situasi 3
Seorang ahli Kadet Bomba lalu di hadapan kami,

ABU : Kalau baju bomba tukar warna biru, jadi baju apa?

AKIF : HAHA Baju Khidmat Negara

by the way, I want to take this chance to congratulate my friends who are chosen for national service. National Service is FUN! lucky you guys doe.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I want to express my deep sorrow and condolence to my friend SHAFIQ RUSLAN.

Mithun and Shafiq after school ; photo courtesy of Mithun

because he hit a chicken yesterday while driving at driving class. and the chicked died obviously. HIT and RUN oh. You can read more about his first murder case,
HAHA, i hope this monday i won't hit or kill anything. Mithun wants me to hit a cow. Nah, I will hit you la mithun :)