Monday, May 12, 2014

Super Long Hiatus

HELLO everyone!
Wooh, it sure is dusty in here.
It has been a super duper long hiatus. Can you imagine my last post was in 2011? That was 3 years ago.
I'm in my third year degree now and things have changed significantly.
I was just reading again my previous posts since 2008. And wow, what a long journey it was.

SO, I am back in the blogging arena!
At this point of time, I know I should write more compared to my younger days. And hey, I was quite impressed of my writings back in the days. LOL *angkat bakul sikit*.
I sounded like a happy girl back then, so carefree though I was complaining of many stuffs. But those are just normal 16-17 school girl would face. At this age, woahh different level of things that I am facing.

Life was not as complicated as it is now, girl! *21 year old self telling to 17 year old self*

I am quite perplexed what life has thrown at me during the long hiatus on this arena.

Anyway after all that chatter and catching up, I'd be turning 22 in 12 business days! Oh yes, I go by business days now. (Shows how much I've been going online shopping lately. HAHA. Let's just not remind me to check my bank account, okay? Yup, we're good :D)

Isn't that a big age? *Taylor Swift's 22 plays on mind*

At this age, I worry about an entire different kind of things compared to in high school.
Vast different.

I now worry about my uni projects, research, assignments, reports, deadlines to meet, tests and finals to study and other petty stuffs. Uh-huh, petty. *HAHA insert emoji laughing with tears coming out, yeah you know which*

But yes, a whole new different level!

It is getting rather late now, I should go. Lovely to be posting again.

See you soon xx