Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello Again

God I forgot that I do have a blog. LOL
Hello again people!
since I got my result, went to Aussie, studied for a month there, went back to KL for a holiday before goin to Curtin International College, got the MARA scholarship (omg the feeling still hasn't sink in, well thank you), guess I will not be goin back to Aussie to study YET.

Yes people, I decided to accept the offer. WHY OH WHYYYYY?
I know, people have been telling me it's an opportunity not all people get.
Allah God the Almighty knows whats best for me.
Alhamdulilah I should say. Alhamdulilah, Shukran Jazilan.

Everything is fated, ada hikmah disebaliknya.
Rezeki ada dimana-mana, kita hanya perlu berusaha dan berdoa.

so I will be back to Perth in a couple of weeks, to bring back my stuffs to KL,
and say HELLO to Intec Shah Alam, that would be my second home starting 4th July till the next 1.5 years. and insyaAllah if everything goes well, they will be sending me to Aussie or New Zealand. :)
and Yes, I will be staying at a hostel MARA provide for us.
Can you believe that? Diha staying at a hostel? HAHA
you can laugh all you want, please close ur eyes and imagine me being in a hostel.

I'm so nervous :|
uish. Lets not talk about it anymore. Move on, shall we?

Ooooooo YEAAAH, I am back active on Twitter yo!
follow me follow me and lemme follow you back :D
its 'dihamanaf'
gahh, now I get why they say Twitter is much fun.

eh eh have you been watching Showdown 2010 on 8tv?
its awesome! really! no kidding! Am watching it now!
Keep your eye on Floor Fever and Wakaka Crew! They are breathtaking, jaw dropping, eye catching crew ever! *salute*

banyak pulak aku merepek nih.

me off to bed now. see you in the next post <3