Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome back, Diha

"Welcome back, Diha"

Uttering these words to myself in my room in Kolej Cemara is quite surreal.
Simply because my previous post was nearly a year ago, when I was scared/nervous about coming to Intec.
Now? I'm in the second half of Semester 2 of Ausmat.
How time flies, hey?

And exactly a year ago, my close friend, Ikhwanul Ashraf passed away. :'( Al-Fatihah~
He was one of the friends who would constantly comment on my blog posts :')
Walaupun takde org nak layan sgt blog aku ni, kau layan jgk kan :)
I would be in total denial if I say that I'm not sad. I am but life has to go on, and it's good to know Allah loves him more :)
A year has passed, seems as if it was still yesterday, yet many smiles and frowns I have been through, the world have been through.
Tragedies here and there,
the floods in Queensland,
the earthquakes in Christchurch,
the riot in Egypt,
and the Tsunami in Japan.

What's happening to Mother Earth?
Yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking, it is near.
Lately, I've been 'muhasabah-ing' diri *is that even correct? haha*, and am pretty much scared of what He is trying to show us :\

Before I doze off you fellow readers to sleep *OMG have I lost my humour in writing a blog post? LOL*,
I would like to share a story,
a simple story,
wait, it's not a story, more like a 'crack your bloody heads off to answer this question',
oh well, I did crack my head off for this,
okay maybe not, you understand me very well.
This story was shared to me by Amer Arif and Feqs claimed to be an IQ quiz from Cambridge :P
*ni mesti diorang tgh bangga yours truly tulis nama diorang ni :P*

here goes, ******drum rolls please******

There's a bulb in a room, and you have three switches outside of the room;
one of the switches is the switch to light up the bulb;
you can try to switch on/off as many times as you like;
but you can only go into the room once;
once you are inside of the room;
you have/should/must know which switch is for the bulb.

Q : How to know which switch is for the bulb?

Happy Thinking! :D