Tuesday, November 18, 2008


13th nov 08
A day in sunway pyramid with best friends i love so freaking damn much
emilia, kira, afiq aziz, afiq kamal, ikhwa, azzim jo, abu bakar, ariff khan

we watched MADAGASCAR 2,
i guarantee you it is way way better than JAMES BOND
our jaws hurts because of laughing too much, MOTO MOTO (ikhwa's fave)
plus by bakar's randomness of speech in the middle of the movie.
the movie ended leaving us satisfied wasting one piece of red money rm10 campur one piece of blue money rm1.

the guys were hungry, and nak makan kt restoran bajet la konon
den i brought them to jasmine cafe in d carpark
they were like "mana kau nak bwk oh?"
okay the day we went to jasmine cafe, the floors were like ice skating rink.
slippery yaw
ice skating for free bak kata diorang.

after filling in their stomach with ROTI CANAI (ariff ckp roti canai kedai die lagi sedap)
we decided to go CAMWHORING at photobooth!
weeeeeee. it was freaking fun
we spent about lama jugak ah , to find a perfect photobooth that can fit us 9 people.
we wrecked the photobooth kot, bising gilaa. haha
after ambil gmbr semua, it was time decorate the pictures.
this time everyone was like

"wey tk cukup masa! cepat2"
"lagi 40 seconds!"
"letak sini, tulis kat sini"

d pictures were printed, woah haha excited gila.
bile kluar gmbr "aik? apsal kecik?"
but the moment we had would be cherish forever
i love you dudes and dudettes to bits!

now, i have to pack!
loves, diha

Sunday, November 16, 2008


one thing that annoys me right now is

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This piece appears out of nowhere

Do i look like i care?
No i don't
Do i look like i give a damn?
No i don't
So get on with life
Yes you have to
Would you want to find a tranny?
Yes, you are welcomed to
Again, do i look like i care?
No i don't
Again, do i look like i give a damn?
No i don't
Would you want to get on with life?
Ask for yourself
Would you think others would care?