Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Listen Up!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lawak Bangang 5 Bakti Class '09

Saya mempunyai beberapa rakan sekelas yang gemar membuat lawak yang sangat LAME.
lame-o-metre memang senantiasa ada di dalam kelas dan bacaannya meningkat setiap jam.

Beberapa lawak LAME yang dikemukakan dari satu hari ke hari yang lain :

Situasi 1
ADAM AMRI : Apakah tulang yang paling lawak?

NATASHA, ABU : Humerus.

BRYAN : damn lame lah wey

Situasi 2
ABU : Why Jordin Sparks died?

MADIHAH : *terpinga pinga sambil bermonolog dalaman, "bila pulak jordin sparks mati?" *

ABU : Because of No Air. (menjawab lawak sendiri)

Situasi 3
ABU : Ayah Pin suka menari tarian apa?

MADIHAH : Tarian Zapin

ABU : *kecewa sebab Madihah dapat jawab dengan cemerlang*

Situasi 4
Pada suatu hari peperiksaan penggal pertama tingkatan 5, saya pun cuba nak buat lawak lame yang telah dipengaruhi rakan-rakan lain.

NATASHA : Selain The Curve, class dinner nak buat dekat mana eh?

MADIHAH : Linear

ABU : *gelak terbahak-bahak sambil menggoncangkan bahunya yang comel molek*

get it get it? Gelak laaaa! kasihanilah saya yang cuba sedaya upaya nak buat lawak lame.

Ini merupakan sebahagian sahaja lawak lame yang telah dipaparkan. Terdapat beberapa lagi lawak lame oleh SHARINNA, dan lain lain tapi saya sungguh tidak mempunyai memori yang kuat seperti batu.
Akanku update lagi kalau rajin.
Sesiapa peminat SHARINNA di luar sana, tungguuuuuuuuu. *winks*

Oh ya, baru saya teringat, mengapa Cikgu Biology Kasturi sangat menyibuk kerana saya tidak pergi ke kelasnya pada hari Isnin lepas?
orang lain tidak hadir, saya yang dipersoal atas ketidakhadiran.

SELASA 24 Mac 2009
Situasi 1
TK LEONG (Cikgu Biology yang dihormati) : why you didn't come yesterday?

MADIHAH : I have another tuition lah cher.

TK LEONG : liar. that is just a reason from you. got two sessions what? why didn't come at 7.30pm?

MADIHAH : *terkedu sebentar dan berkata sendirian "aku nak solat maghrib la gi_a"*

Situasi 2
TK LEONG : okay I give you 10 minutes to complete this exercise on endocrine system.

yang lain pun kelam-kabut mengambil pen untuk menjawab latihan yang diberikan dengan mempunyai ilmu yang dipelajari pada hari semalam(Isnin 23 Mac)

MADIHAH : *dengan tidak mengetahui apa-apa, mata meliar ke rakan sebelah, FARAH aka FAR* awak, apa jawapan? kite tak tahu apa-apa.

TK LEONG : HAAAAA, see see, glancing around asking your friends. that's why. why didn't come yesterday?

MADIHAH : *cikgu ni tanya lagi apsal laaaa, sambil menjawab pertanyaannya di dalam hati, "tau la kau rindu aku"*

Adakah TK LEONG sangat mengambil berat tentang saya?
ataupun merindui? (tengah perasan jap, muahaha)
saya tahu cikgu hanya mengambil berat tentang pelajaran saya.
terima kasih banyak banyak.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Local Musical Theatres; Stepping Up

Currently we are seeing the growing up phase of Malay musical theatres at our own stage especially at Istana Budaya.
I am proud to witness these creative people to come up with unique and memorable event that we can be proud of.
Their hard work and and efforts have really done a great impact on our generation especially to our youngsters.
They have attracted our youngsters to a whole new level to appreciate theatre more than just underestimate what our own citizens can do. Recently, I have witnessed the Puteri Gunung Ledang musical phenomenon. Season 3 was really amazing, perhaps better than season 1 I have watched. Even the scores and props have been upgraded to a greater proximity.

Puteri Gunung Ledang Season 3

And surprisingly and really proud i can say, about half of the people who came were from the younger generation aged 17- 30.
And I am very thankful our younger generation has realised our theatre is at the same level as the internationals.

I have heard some people out there have said our musical theatre is just a joke.
I wish to express my regret and upset why they do not realise the importance of art and do not express great gratitude on arts and culture.

Recently, our much dearly and respected individual, Erma Fatima has open up opportunities to our local acts to appear on Sirah Junjungan Season 2 in conjunction of Maulidur Rasul. They have received many rave reviews from the media, public and even people who is active in the industry.

Sirah Junjungan Season 2

In the year 2008, Ahmad Idham has surprised the local industry and the public where he announced there will be an Impak Maksima The Musical at Istana Budaya.
We were surprised again by Ahmad Idham when drift cars will be a part of the musical. We are talking about props here as well. I salute you Ahmad Idham for bringing forward fresh and new stuffs everytime.

Impak Maksima The Musical

This is one of the evidents where our local theatres have stepped up to a whole new level.
Yet, our local citizens still have not realised their great efforts and still criticise.
I would like to say, without siding anyone here, how narrow and shallow we can be.
Why don't we accept new changes to our local industry? When there are no changes, people groans. When there are changes, people groans as well.

Talking here as a musical theatre lover, not trying to say I am good or the know-it-all, but this is just what a 16 year old girl has observed all this while and realised the impact of our double standard.

Ikhwa with Mr Nosey

Yes, ikhwa has found a new friend, Mr Nosey. *laughs histerically*
this was all done by us after his round of truth or dare.
this guy looks much like rich from estranged doesn't he?
his younger brother perhaps.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Day of Awesomeness in Melaka

My dad decided to take a drive to Melaka for a day trip on Wednesday March 18th.
Simply chilling out and planned to have dinner at Umbai.
(ikan bakar there is so nice!)
I woke up from sleep and realised I was already in Melaka at 2pm accompanied by Rihanna's songs blasting from the radio.

Out of nothing, my dad decided to pay a visit to his former flying school, Malaysian Flying Academy in Batu Berendam.
When we arrived, my dad was in a state of shock.
Everything has changed, the buildings and facilities. it is all new.
New infrastructures.
My dad got to meet with his former instructor, Capt. Kashav.
My dad was really surprised that he is still there since the last time my dad graduated from the academy.
Though he is already 73, he is still going strong. *tabik spring*

Capt. Kashav took us for a tour around the instructor's office and the hangar.
I got to go on the basic simulator, thanks to Capt. Kashav and Capt. Sunil.
I had the chance to took off from the runway, cruised around Melaka, and landed back.
It was hell of a fun despite listening to Capt. Sunil asking me to apply backward and forward pressure *was quite blur*.

Capt Sunil (right) showing me how to set up those stuffs.

After hanging around at the hangar where my dad met his old friend I can say, the engineer who still works there for such a long time, Mr Tan, we went to flight operation centre. Thanks to swee ling *i think thats her name* who brought us for a tour around the new flight op building, classrooms, library, and the canteen.

going on my first solo flight! haha kidding

By looking at the cadet pilots walking around the academy with their uniform, really motivates me to study hard.
And I think I saw one of my seniors class '06 there. I am really not sure if it was really him or just 'pelanduk dua serupa'. Reminisced how he marched as the 'ketua kontinjen bomba' with his one leg, and cemented on the other along with his crutches. I really salute him for his determination.

After a few hours there, we went off to Jonker's walk and headed to Umbai for dinner.
and arrived home safely about 9.30 pm.

All in all, it was a day of awesomeness. A memorable event indeed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adakah EST mencacatkan keputusan?

can the subject est will result in retarded spm result? this is so annoying.
i'm thinking of dropping est, but is it worth it?
but there is no turning back anymore. i have registered for spm.
what if i don't sit for est paper? as in absent, as in tidak hadir. would that be an alternative?
but still the big TH will appear on the slip i would get a year from now which i don't know i will be crying of happiness or sadness or regret.

one of my senior got all A1's except for est, b3. which is sadness.
she was the best student for pmr in selangor back in 2006.

on top of all that, i do not think est such a burden to me, to anyone. but why? why is it so hard get the capital A? is it because the way the examiners mark? too strict? too fussy? do we need to give 15 points even though they have never told us?
and kamarul told me the graph for est to get an A is 85% and above. is that true?

ahhhhhh, this one little thought just bugs me the whole time since spm result came out this morning.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Off to Lake Isle of Innisfree!

yes yes i know i have been procrastinating about the pictures i want to upload.
its just that i'm so busy with exams, wushu, pencinta alam, tuitions. gahhhh
i feel like going to lake isle of innisfree, and spend my life there *winkssss*
free from the hustle bustle, hectic-ness of life.
i guess i just have to face whatever that is served for me, hate it or love it.

and oh yeah!, spm result is coming out. i am nervous, even though i'm not involved. lol
i just can't imagine when it's going to be my turn next year.
scary aint it.
blahhh, struggle baby struggle is the word.
BH085A045 just scares me. yup you are right, this is my angka giliran. ahhhhh *runs away*

by the way,
the pictures will be upload by next week when exam is over okay.
sorry. xoxo

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rihanna Marries Chris Brown?

According to reports, Rihanna married Chris Brown at P Diddy's mansion.

for more, go here

this is just RIDICULOUS!