Thursday, April 7, 2016

She's Back

I was reminded that I had a blog. Earlier today. To be reminded that, I had a bit of tears deep down in my heart. This blog held a special place in my heart.

A blast from the past.

Hence, I said to myself that I had to try get back into my blog later tonight.

Which I did. Numerous attempts to get back into it. I forgot everything.
I forgot what was my email address to sign in, what my password was. I only remembered my link.

Staring blankly into the screen, reading back my old posts, trying to get hold of my blog.

I nearly cried. *umm yeah, that time of the month. Easily emotional*

Alhamdulilah, I am writing a post in 2016! Hoorayyyy!

I was in third year in my previous post, and now I graduated Alhamdulilah!!! Actively looking for employment. 

Hi Recruiter, if you ever decided to google my name and stumbled upon my blog, I hope my posts would tickle you :p *at least I think I was funny back then*

Anyway, as I was saying, I used to write. I loved to write. I even considered of taking mass communication after SPM. Writing was my forte. Every night before to sleep, *okay probably not every night*; I would write. I used to have this notebook somehow like a diary and write in it. Then blogging was a thing, I jumped into blogging. Then came in Facebook and Twitter, I was actively on it after. Instagram came, now I only post pictures with captions that I do not have to wreck my heads upon. 

And in 2016, Snapchat took over me. As days go by, I can feel my writing sense depleting. I can feel I become bitter. People might see you as woohoo yeah happy. But I get bitter. Everything is short, I easily get bored. Nothing excites me. Yeah I get excited but only for a short while.

Ages ago, yeah we're saying 8 years ago, I used to "hey I am so itchy to blog about this". Putting my sentences together, finding the right words, putting my mind into words. Hey, these whole scenario and school of thoughts of mine excite me. 

I miss those excitements. 

Anyway, enough of those. 


I actually just got back from travelling!


Two weeks jetsetting around Europe, one city to another, one airport a day, one flight/train ticket a day. Phew, it was fun and exhausting I tell ya.

Well, there are lots and lots of pictures that I have captured through the mind. Which my camera cannot even captured the real beauty of each amazing things I encountered.

Be it scenery, people, situations that have humbled me, food, the countless times we had to carry our bags around city *which now my veins are getting more distinguished after all that carrying heavy bags lol*

I gained endless experiences and lessons learnt along the way. Sometimes you learnt along the way, at times you are unexpected to. I'm always soo grateful for these kind of moments.

Every single thing! 

I will blog about all the travelling stories soon!!!

Now, the bed is actively calling me to sleep. 

Long trip tomorrow! Going back Taiping, my mum's hometown, for a bit!

Going to savour all the food goodness along the trip!

Goodnight loves xx


Anonymous said...

So happy for u. update please!!

Anonymous said...

There will never be a night where you are not in my prayers. I know you won't read this haha, but I hope you're doing great. Take care

Anonymous said...

Mok mok. Despo