Sunday, January 17, 2010

Excited and Nervous!

Sunday, 17th January 2010

Lately, I feel the need of blogging more often.
There is so much to tell but I am such an ass when it comes to writing.
I only write when I feel like it.
SEE! I'm talking craps.

btw I am soooo excited for college.
As I told you fellow readers, moi went to Curtin Uni last friday.
And OH! it was an awesome experience!
I went to the Admin, and yeah they were very welcoming.
There was this awesome guy, Mr Michael Harris, the marketing manager there who answered all my queries.
He was so friendly, and he looked quite excited that I'm going into Curtin this July.
My friend said maybe because I'm Curtin's future client. yeah could be hey. LOL
at the end of the day, he said "You sound like a good student, Madihah!"
HAHA am I?
Why, Thank You Mr Harris :)

And he said, email him anytime and he gave me his card.
he even told me how to write to him.
"Hi Michael, I'm Madihah. I met you at Curtin in mid-January bla bla bla"

Well, thank you again. lmao

As for now, I am excited to go to college. and and my friend, Syed Haniff is going to Curtin too.
We are so excited to become college mates!
At the same time, I am quite scared to go to college.
It will be a whole new environment, new friends, new challenges.

Pray for me my friends!

hey! Aaliyah, Makayla just came!
later peeps
take care. xx


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