Monday, February 8, 2010

Kris Allen = Awesome!

I MET KRIS ALLEN!!!!! *jumping up and down screaming!*

kak raina.
went with my cousin, Kak Raina and a friend of hers, Kavel.

We arrived quite late though, around 4.30pm.
and heck, it was very very packed.
Lots of people i tell you, and already the first 200 fans :(
Kak raina was very disappointed, till the point she asked this one chinese guy who was in the line to get her album signed.
and that guy agreed, and what a coincidence, he's stu
dying in perth too. gosh, what a small world.
so while waiting for Kris to come, we were hanging outside, and guess what, there were polices and and escorts outside.

in front of moi.
took his pichas while he was getting out of the car. ARGHHH we were excited.

that's him at the back.

Kris Allen getting out from the car, he was only wearing a pair of his old sneakers -.-

So the autograph session started, and we were looking at the first 200 fans getting onstage to meet Kris Allen. we were screaming really. I was goddamn jealous, Kak Raina was way , i know. Haha.

afta the 200, I saw many people got thru the railings,
shiznits, how did they get in????
I went to buy his album quickly, i was panting, seriously. Went backstage and the securities were letting in fans with Kris' album. and and YESSS! I got in!!!! VOILAAA! Kak raina was behind me, she got her album back from the chinese guy and decide to get onstage herself.

me me me! getting my cd signed!
thanks kak raina for taking this awesome picha!

yesss I got onstage, face to face with Kris, he was inches from me. omg STARSTRUCKed doe.
Yeay!! got mine signed! I said thank you and got offstage.
as soon i went off stage, Andy Estranged interviewed moi, yours truly :P
woah got interviewed by star world babeyhhh. I was shocked and quite takut. Haha

Andy : heyy, are you scared of all this (referring to the cameraman microphone and lightings) or getting onstage with Kris Allen?
Moi : I'm quite scared of all this. lol
Andy : Awh dun be. So how was ur feeling getting onstage with Kris Allen?
Moi : It was sooo awesome! really. I'm sucha big fan. (we
ll i like Adam Lambert way more) lol
Andy : What do u really like about Kris Allen, about his personality?
Moi : oh He's so nice. Apart from other contestants, he is so humble. (i wanted to say because he's not gay though. But I guess it's quite taboo, HAHA)
Andy : Yeah, Kris is humble, isn't he? Well can u say I love
Kris Allen to the camera?


anak manja? said...

kris allen apa barang weh?
john mayer la! slipknot ke?

Maganda.Diha. said...

ye la orang cam aku jumpe kris allen jeee.
kau mesti la high class sikit kan.
aku sape je.

tuan hassan's daughter. said...

omg diha! jelesnyeeeeeee

Maganda.Diha. said...

awh dun be darling..

DIYANAH said...

I think I might be more jealous of you getting face time with Andy than you getting face time with Kris Allen. Is something wrong with me ? hahah :D