Friday, March 5, 2010

Bye Bye

Its March 11th.
omg omg omg.

shut ur ass up.
okay this is freaky.
and I'm starting to realize, I only have a month left here in Subang, in KL, in Malaysia. more :'(:'(

Some of you may know this, that I'm flying off to Aussie this april for college :(
yeah you must be wondering why I'm goin this early since I have mentioned in the last couple of posts that July will be the time for college.

So yeah, I'm going to Canning College this April. ARGHHH.
My dad said if I don't like it in Canning College, I could always go to CIC, which is inside Curtin Uni, in July.
But sometimes, I feel like I wanna get out of this country ASAP!
Mix of feelings, Lots of emotions.

One wish before I go forever, *chey macam nk mati dah* :
I hope that I could meet all of my friends before going to Aussie. *hinthint* *winkwink*


Anonymous said...

Am I one of your many friends that you wanna meet? :D
Anyway, good luck studying overseas. The best of all is the people and their mentality. I'm pretty sure you're gonna enjoy it, but it wouldn't be easy to make friends..just so you know

n a s r i ' D said...

ehhhhhhh !? alaaa,aku belum hang out dgn kau early lah! hrmmphh,nearly 4 months tak jumpa kau.. :'-(

raina. said...

perth will welcome you with open arms :D